Metal James by Margaret Newman

Metal James - Margaret Newman

"Blair!" Naomi's friend Megan shouted when she saw him walk in the front door. "Come look! Naomi won a sex slave in the Spring Festival!"

"Megan!" Naomi gasped, turning to look in horror at her friend.

Blair often wondered how they had become friends, considering the differences between the two. Naomi being the constant traveler, going from boyfriend to boyfriend, not really having to work thanks to the fortune left her by her maternal grandfather. Megan, on the other hand, was a career Fleet officer. She was the head of Security on the station, and been on a star cruiser during the last war. Naomi had been raised in relative wealth on Old Earth whereas Megan had been born and raised on the harsh, unforgiving desert planet of New Australia.

"You should see him, Sandy. I think he's more your type than Naomi's." Megan laughed, lounging at one end of the half circle couch.

"Well, it is all muscular." Naomi giggled, her eyes sparkling.

Blair sighed, dropping his book bag on the nearest chair. There were some days when being in the same room with them was just more than his nerves could tolerate.

"You won a sex slave?" He looked at his mother.

"It was a silly contest. I signed the card before I even knew what I signing it for." Naomi held her arms out to her son. They hugged, and kissed each other on the cheek. She held his face in her hands. "You don't look so good, Blair-honey. Are you eating? Did you meditate this morning? Your aura is all dark. Have you had a good bowel movement today?"

That sent Megan into a roar of laughter. She laughed so hard she fell off the couch.

"Thanks, Mom." Blair sighed again, shaking his head. "Really."

"Oh, honey." Naomi frowned, truly worried about her son. "I'm sorry, but you do look awful."

"That makes me feel better." He laughed, and moved into the kitchenette to get a glass of mineral water. "So where's the sex slave? Trapped in your bedroom?"

"No." The bridge of her nose wrinkled. Uh-oh, Blair thought. "It's in my office. I couldn't abide it. Just standing there staring. It doesn't even blink. In fact, I was going to call this afternoon to have it picked up. You know how I feel about robots."

Blair headed for her office. They were both ignoring Megan who was still on the floor.

"If he's an Intimate Companion, then he's more than a mere robot."

Naomi shrugged her shoulders as she followed him as far as the doorway. Blair whistled, setting the glass of water aside.

"Wow, Mom! That must have been some contest!"

The Intimate Companion android was standing against the far wall. He was dressed in a nondescript purple jumpsuit. The kind that they say "one size fits all" but doesn't really. The jumpsuit on this guy was stretched tight across his shoulders and chest, and clearly outlined his butt and thighs.

"Good evening, Companion." Blair said to the android.

The blue eyes blinked, shifted and settled on Blair's face.

"Good evening, sir." He replied in a nice masculine voice.

"Please state your name and function." Blair's gaze roamed over the android. Talk about life-like! The skin looked sun tanned, the hair was cut military short.

"I am called James, Series 5000. My function is to serve my mistress' every wish. I can cook in a variety of cuisines. I can clean, drive a number of vehicles including piloting a shuttlecraft. I am completely sexually functional. I know over 300 positions. I am certified in five different styles."

"Styles?" Naomi interrupted.

"You know, like dominance and submission or S&M, bondage." Blair waved a hand.


"I am also a certified masseuse and bodyguard." James finished.

"Mom," Blair said as he turned to look at his mother, "you can't send him back. Give him to me."

"Oh, Blair-honey. I don't know." She shook her head, frowning again. "You'll find someone of your own, really. It just takes time. I know that David..."

"I'm not talking about David." He flinched. "James could be of real help to me. He could cook meals for me, keep my apartment clean, do my laundry... He could take care of Larry for me while I'm gone to classes."

"You know he's right, Naomi." Megan said from the doorway. She was leaning a shoulder against the doorframe. "You are always worrying about him. Think of James as the ultimate babysitter... who might occasionally massage his prostate. What better safe sex than with a companion? You won't have to worry about him going to the sex clubs and picking up some stranger."

"I do not-!" Blair started to shout, flabbergasted.

"Oh, Megan." Naomi blinked at her friend. "Oh, yes. I think that is a lovely idea."

"He can certainly make sure Blair has a good poop every day." Megan snickered, and clamped a hand over her mouth.

"Is it trained in meditation?" Naomi asked her son. Blair was flushed a rather bright shade of red at the moment.

"If not, I can get him some tapes to scan while I'm at class tomorrow." He glanced at the companion. Those blue eyes were still watching him. "So?"

"Yes, you can have it." Naomi gave him a hug and a kiss. "Think of it as an early birthday present. There's a manual for it around here somewhere."

They searched the piles on the desk to no avail. Blair turned to the companion.

"James, do you know where your manual is?"

"Yes, sir." James nodded, unmoving.

"Please locate it for me." Blair instructed him. James looked at Naomi.

"Oh, do whatever he says." She waved at him.

James walked out to the living room and picked the manual up off the Sirian glass coffee table. He handed it to Blair.

Blair thumbed through the book to the part about transferring ownership. "Mom, you have to say this to transfer his imprint on to me." He handed her the book.

"This is silly." She sighed, but she took the book. "James XF362692, I hereby transfer your imprint to..." She pointed at Blair. "Blair Jacob Sandburg. Blair is your master now. Avon Lilly Apache."

"Thank you, Mom." Blair replied, taking the manual back from her. "Stella Divan 9987373."

James blinked, glancing from Naomi to Blair. "Good evening, master."

"Good evening, James. Rule number one is- don't call me master. I want you to call me Blair." Blair instructed him.

"Yes, Blair."

"Now, can we go to dinner?" Naomi inquired.

"I can't, that's what I came to tell you. I have two mid-terms tomorrow, and I have to teach a class for my advisor." Blair shoved the manual into his book bag. "I came up to the station to attend Dr. Haines' lecture on xeno-sociology."

Megan made a rude noise.

"Can we reschedule for this weekend?" Blair asked his mother.

"I can't this weekend, sweetie. I'm going on that excursion with Anderson." Naomi gave him a hug. "We'll talk when I get back. I'll only be gone two weeks."

"I'm supposed to be going on a field trip with Dr. Stoddard in three weeks. How about I call you when I get back?" He laughed, shouldering his bag. He noticed how James watched him, following across the room.

"All right, I guess we'll just have to be patient!" Naomi laughed, walking her son to the door. She ignored the android. "You be careful! And get something to eat."

"I will, I promise. Have a good trip." They kissed good-bye.

"I will, you too. Be careful! At least I'm going to a pleasure resort!"

"And I'm the one that gets accused of going to sex clubs?" He joked, giving her a wink. "Come on, James. Let's get home so I can get some reading done. Bye, Megan!"

"Yes, Blair."

"Bye, Sandy!"


He realized that his first order of business was to get James some new clothes. As they headed over to the transport, people kept giving them looks. One guy, in a horrible plaid suit, approached Blair, asking how much for an hour with the 'sex toy'. Blair told him to get lost, James wasn't a prostitute model.

"Sex slave's a sex slave." The guy shrugged, eyes wandering low on James.

Blair kept moving and so did James. The clerk at the ticket counter wrinkled her nose at James, but said nothing. Once they were planet-side, Blair went right to a resale shop he often frequented for himself. Luckily, it was still open.

"Blair!" Jilly, the owner, greeted him with a big smile. "I got a couple more pairs of those pants that you like. You know, the ones with all the pockets. I've been saving them for you."

"Great! Thanks, Jilly." Blair groaned internally. He had made the mistake of telling her one time that he had liked the couple pairs that he had. Ever since, she'd been saving them for him whenever she got them in. Consequently, he had like 20 pairs. There was no way a guy like him needed 20 pairs of pants.

"Oooh, whose your friend?" Jilly's friend Henry cooed as he came around a rack of tank tops. Henry was a bit on the flamboyant side -Jilly called it 'flame-boy'. Tonight he was dressed in a sparkling purple blouse with a hot pink boa (the feather kind, not the robot-snake kind) wrapped around his neck. His pants were gold lame and just a little tight. His toe nails were painted purple, and he was wearing gold sandals.

"His name is James, and Jilly, I was wondering if you could help me pick out some clothes for him. Just some basic stuff like jeans and t-shirts. Maybe a pair of sneakers or boots? Nothing too expensive. You know me." Blair kept his eyes on Henry and remained standing in front of James.

"Oh, he's lovely. You shouldn't waste that body on jeans." Henry paused, nibbling delicately on a fingernail. "Black. Leather."

"Not in this life time." Blair growled at him.

Jilly proved exceptionally handy at finding three pairs of jeans that would fit James. A couple pairs of white underwear, and a selection of five t-shirts. (they were on sale) His feet were too large for sneakers, so Blair had to splurge and go for a pair of work boots. She added a light corduroy jacket, and they were set.

During it all, she whispered to Blair, "How can you afford him? He had to been way expensive. Is he a series 4000?"

"My mom won him, gave to me as a gift. And he's a 5000." Blair whispered back. Jilly had whistled.

"I'll stock up on sheets for you." She teased.

They had quickly realized that Henry didn't get it. Henry thought James was a flesh-and-blood human being. Albeit, a rather stoic one. Watching Henry trying to drag James out in conversation was pretty funny.

When they left, Henry's sigh was audible all the way down the block.


As they walked towards Blair's place, he tried to explain to James about Larry.

"He's an orangutan. He was part of my research project last year, and after I was done I couldn't just give him up. I had to buy him from the university, and he wasn't cheap, but no way could I stand the thought of him being dumped in some lab to be a test subject." Blair shook his head. That had been quite an ordeal.

"Orangutan." James repeated the word. "An arboreal anthropoid ape. Pongo pygmaeus of Borneo and Sumatra."

"Well, Larry's mainly from Los Angeles. His ancestors came from Borneo." Blair nodded. "I'm going to need you to stay with him during the day and take care of him. Keep him company. He likes to watch the vid'screen- you know, cartoons and the Home Craft channel. I don't like him to watch anything too violent, stirs him up. He'll try to wheedle candy and cookies out of you, but don't give him any."

"I do not have storage capacity for food or sweets." James explained solemnly. "You could have it installed at an additional fee."

"No, no." Blair shook his head, smiling. "I didn't mean literally, out of you."

"Oh." James blinked. "I'm sorry."

"No problem, man." Blair pointed at the old building where he lived. "This is me here. Rents cheap and nobody complains about Larry."

James glanced up at the building. It was an old red brick building in an area of the city that had not been restyled. It was pock marked, some windows boarded over. Obviously back from the turn of the century or older. It had survived earthquakes, wars and pestilence. The area was rundown, trash on the streets. They passed an old, burned out hunk of a vehicle at the corner.

"That is actually a sculpture." Blair explained when he saw James consider it. "Rafe, who has the bottom floor of my building, is an artist. He does sculptures like these and others."

"SUV." James paused, contemplating the rear-end of the hulk.

"Excuse me?" Blair turned back.

"SUV. Sport Utility Vehicle. Popular in the late 20th century and early 21st century. They were outlawed in 2012 because of the enormous amount of fuel they required." James explained. He looked up at Blair. "I am sorry, sir. You did not request that information."

"That was during the Gas War, wasn't it?" Blair had heard a lot about the Gas War because his great-grandfather had fought in it. His grandfather had gone on about it like he had been there instead of his own father.

"Yes, sir." James nodded.

Blair pulled out his keys, opened the front door, and then headed for the stairs. James was right on his heels. "So while I'm gone tomorrow, just stay inside with Larry. Don't answer the door. Anybody knocks, just ignore them. It's usually transients or druggies."

"Yes, sir."

Blair's apartment was one huge room. Originally, the building had been built for a department store. Once that had failed, it had been turned into many different things with walls being torn down and replaced until finally, the walls were torn down and left. There were one or two support walls and support beams all over. The floor had been carpeted at one time, but Blair preferred the cement despite how cold it got during the winter. It was easier to clean up after Larry, and, well, himself.

The most used area was near the northern wall where several windows still remained intact. He had a couple old desks set up for his computers, printer and scanner. Books were stacked everywhere. He only had one old metal bookcase and it was packed with magazines, older books and newspapers.

There were two dilapidated couches, a table whose legs had been cut to make it short, and an old green lounge chair. Towards the back were a bed and a couple trunks. Not far from that was a big metal cage and one happy orangutan.

"Hi, Larry!" Blair called to him. "Be right there!"

He dumped his backpack on one of the couches and toed off his sneakers. James stood beside the couch, and watched. Blair hurried over to Larry's cage and unlocked the door. Larry pushed the door open and lunged at Blair who caught him easily. They cooed at each other, grunted, and did hand gestures. Some of what James understood as he was versed in several forms of Sign Language.

Hungry, lonely, why gone long?
Went listen, saw mommy. Eat now.
Watch my toons. Man scary. Bad smell.
Man nice. Man new friend us.

And quite clearly, Can he cook?

Yes, Man cook.

Larry was quite pleased with that, but was still not brave enough to get near James right away. Blair carried him over to the kitchen area. This consisted of a refrigerator, freezer, a modest food dispenser, a long counter with a double sink, a dish washing unit, a food heating unit and the customary table with three mis-matched chairs.

"James, why don't you walk over this way a bit? Let Larry get used to you." Blair suggested as he pulled out fresh vegetables from the refrigerator.

"Yes, sir." James complied, walking towards them. He still had the bag from the resale shop in his hand.

"No, call me Blair. And put the bag down. Relax. This is home." Blair smiled over at him.

"Yes, Blair." James put the bag down and walked a little closer. When Larry grew agitated, signing 'bad scary, bad scary' he stopped.

In the end, all it took to win Larry over was a bowl of strawberries. James cleaned them in the sink, putting the fresh berries in a bowl that Blair had set out. Upon setting them on the table, Larry jumped into James arms signing 'eat eat'. So James sat down with Larry in his lap and assisted the orangutan in eating. Occasionally, Larry would even press a berry to James' lips and he would dutifully eat it.

A little later, James sat in the green lounge chair -Larry's chair, Blair told him- and held Larry while they watched his favorite vids. Blair spent the time reading and studying for his exams. James watched Blair more than the vids. Whenever Blair glanced up to check on them, however, James would appear to be watching the animated amusement.


"Would like a shower, James?" Blair asked him quietly after Larry was put to bed in his cage. Blair had stripped down to his boxers and a t-shirt.

"Only if you wish it, Blair." James inclined his head. He stood at the end of the bed.

"Well, I don't feel like one right now. Maybe in the morning. Shall we go to bed then?" He blushed a little, thinking about what was coming. His cock was twitching in anticipation. He hadn't had sex with a partner since David had dumped him.

"Yes, Blair." James answered. "Shall I undress?"

"Yes, please." Blair nodded, swallowing nervously. He had caught a glimpse of the magnificent man-made body at the resale shop. Now he would get his own private showing.

He yawned and clamped a hand over his mouth. Gods, he was tired! But he to have some fun, too. Even before David left, they hadn't had a good sex session in a while. David would get jealous of Blair's studies, accuse him of selling his ass to his professors, and would withhold relations for weeks at a time.

He blinked as James peeled off his white underwear, folding them neatly, and setting them on top of the pile clothes he had set on a chair. He turned and faced Blair.

"Are you pleased, Blair?" James asked, holding his hands away from his body. He turned in a full circle. "If my genitals are not to your liking, they can be exchanged for an additional fee. Longer, thicker penis or shorter and thinner. Circumcised or natural. Pierced. If you like more pubic hair, I can adjust that myself. Or if you prefer me shaved, I can also take care of that."

"Uhm." Blair practically drooled. Real cool, he said to himself. Drool over the poor guy.

"You must instruct me in what type of sex you prefer. Do you wish to top? My anal configuration is naturally lubricated and I need no preparatory stretching."

"Uhm." Blair couldn't think of what to say. James was well formed. Perfectly shaped, circumcised cock. A round, taut, perfect shaped ass. Muscles. He yawned again.

"May I suggest something, Blair?"

"Yeah, sure. I'm sorry; I'm just kind of..." Dumbfounded? Who needed the pain of a real boyfriend, who always turned out to be a jerk in the end, when you could have James? He would have to send his mom a thank you card in the morning.

"I see that you are tired. You have exams tomorrow. Perhaps something light and easy tonight? I am extremely talented at oral sex. I can bring you to orgasm this way which will facilitate you having a sound night's rest. At a later time, we can more fully explore my sexual abilities to your satisfaction."

"Uh, yeah." Blink, blink. Probably all James had to do was lick his cock and Blair would explode. "That sounds good."

"Do you wish to remain clothed?" James asked, stepping closer. "Do you wish to stand while I kneel and perform the oral sex? Or would you prefer to lie on the bed?"


"Lie on the bed, I think." Higher brain functions were about to short out.

James pulled the comforter and top sheet down. When Blair didn't move, just stared at James, the Intimate Companion stepped closer to him. Slowly, slowly, he leaned down and lightly brushed his lips across Blair's.

"Shall I undress you?" He asked, breathing softly into Blair's ear.


James took that as a yes and pulled the t-shirt up and over Blair's head, and down his arms. He let the t-shirt fall to the floor. Then he knelt down in front of Blair and ever so gently, ever so slowly, pulled the checkered boxers down over Blair's hips, down his hairy thighs, down to his feet. James held Blair up while he encouraged the young man to step out of the boxers.

James raised his blue eyes to the bobbing cock in front of his face. Blair's cock was average sized, thick, and he was not circumcised. Just above the line of pubic hair, but well below his navel, was a small tattoo of a heart. Around the heart in a delicate cursive lettering was the Latin phrase, "amor vincit omnia".

"I-." Blair tried to talk, but his voice caught. It was hard to concentrate when James' lips were inches from his cock and he was licking his lips as if he were contemplating an extremely sweet dessert. "I got the tattoo when I was sixteen."

"Love conquers all." James breathed, and Blair's cock twitched at the lightest of stimulation.

"I like to believe that it does. I did then. Now, I'm a little older, little wiser." James' right hand skimmed up Blair's left thigh.

"May I taste you now, Blair? You smell delicious."

"Uhm, sure." He closed his eyes, trying to calm his heart rate down. "You don't want-"

The rest of his sentence lost as a warm, wet tongue reached out and licked the head of his cock.

"Yes, Blair?"

Blair shook his head. No more words for now.

James understood the cue. His hands came up and gripped Blair's hips as his mouth opened and he swallowed Blair's cock to the root. Blair gasped, hands flailing around for something to hold on to. James slowly pulled back, teeth lightly skimming the sensitive skin. Blair was shivering and moaning.

Before he understood what was happening, James picked him up and laid him out on the bed. He eased Blair's thighs apart, and rested on the bed in between them. He kissed and licked along the inside of Blair's thighs. He leaned up and kissed, sucked and nibbled both nipples. He tugged the hoop that dangled from Blair's left nipple with his tongue.

A long swipe up Blair's leaking cock. He mouthed the head, sucking, tonguing the slit. Blair's hands were now gripping the bed sheet. James licked the heavy balls, and even nipped lightly at the perineum. Blair squeaked at that, hips thrusting upwards.

"Would you prefer anal stimulation? I can penetrate you with either a finger or my tongue."

"Fing- fing-." Blair babbled. Oh god, I'm gonna die!

James sucked his index finger wetly. He eased his hand between Blair's ass cheeks. Then, just as he took Blair's cock back into his mouth, his right index finger pressed into Blair's hole. Blair shouted, hips jerking upward, head thrown back and neck arched, as he came.

James swallowed every ounce of come. He worked Blair's cock all through the shudders, his finger continuing to press against Blair's prostate. Blair came pretty close to passing out. He did feel James pull his finger free, and gently release his cock. He was carefully arranged in the bed with his head on a pillow and the comforter tucked up around him.

"Where...?" Blair grabbed at James. "Stay."

James paused. Blair did not see any subtle shifting in the android's features. He did not see the slight furrowing of the well designed eyebrows.

"As you wish, Blair." James spoke softly, and crawled under the covers. Blair snuggled right up against him, his face pressed into James' chest. The intimate companion did not need sleep, but he could use the down time to check his processes and go over his performance for errors. So James lay beside Blair, holding him gently, while the young man slept.


Blair woke up feeling better than he had in weeks... months even. He didn't want to over-do it and say years. Because that would just be pathetic, man.

Larry happily ate the breakfast that James fixed for him. Blair ate his breakfast too, and an hour later, he had a really good bowel movement. His mother would be so happy.

He went off to his classes with the vision of James and Larry settling on the couch side by side. It wasn't that he had an incredibly easy day because he didn't. He did as well as he could on his exams and wouldn't know the scores until the next day, but he worried. It was one of his greatest talents, worrying. He taught his advisor's class with only a few bumpy spots. He skipped lunch in favor of spending some time in the Research Library.

The only bad moment was when he literally ran into his ex-boyfriend, Lee Brackett. He hadn't seen Lee in nearly three years. The first part of their relationship had been hot and intense. That lasted about two months. The subsequent year and a half had been brutal, terrifying and nightmarish.

Lee's arms immediately went around Blair's waist, holding him snug up against the athletic body. Blair bristled instantly.

"Let. Go. Of. Me." He snarled.

"Blair, baby! I haven't seen you in ages and this is the treatment I get?" Lee laughed, his hands sliding low on Blair's ass.

Blair smiled sweetly, and brought his knee up forcibly into Lee's groin.

By the time he got home, his nerves were shot.

Standing in the doorway of his loft apartment, he frowned. No, this doesn't look right. He stepped back out, checked the number on the door, looked at his keychain. Then he stepped back inside.

The place had been transformed. The floor had been swept. The pile of lumber he had gotten in trade a year ago had been piled up off to the left. He kept saying he needed to work on the gym for Larry, but never had the time it seemed. Well, now he didn't have to worry about it. An amazing gym had been built while he was gone.

His table full of plants had all been weeded, repotted and moved closer to one of the remaining windows. Plants that had looked like they were on their last root were now perky and vibrant.

The pile of laundry way back in the far, far corner had disappeared, as had his stack of dirty dishes.

A bathed Larry ambled up to him, beaming and fingering 'happy happy'.

A very nude and obviously very clean James walked across the floor towards him from the bathroom area.

And if that wasn't enough, something that smelled deliciously like pork roast wafted through the apartment.

Larry took Blair's hand and led him over to the living room area. Blair dumped his backpack as Larry bounced on the couch. He turned to face James.

"I started supper. I hope you don't mind, Blair."

"No, I don't mind." Blair shook his head, trying hard to keep his eyes on James' face.

"You look tense. You did not have a good day? Would you like a massage?" James cocked his head, staring intently at Blair. He was silent for a moment and then glanced down at Blair's legs. "Someone attacked you and you had to defend yourself."

"What? No, no. I'm fine." A creepy shiver eeked up Blair's spine.

"My senses are super-sensitive. I can smell the odor of an unknown male groin on your right knee. You, therefore, were forced to defend yourself. Blair, I request to attend you tomorrow at the university. I cannot allow any harm to come to you."

"No, James, I'll be fine. But you know, that massage does sound kind of good. What if I take a shower first? I feel pretty gritty." No guy had ever been this protective of him before. "Is that pork roast? It smells really good."

"Yes, Blair. I took the liberty of ordering it through the food dispenser. There are also red potatoes cooking with it." James took Blair's hand and led him to the bathroom where he proceeded to strip the young man. "Do you wish to urinate? I also have asparagus with a garlic cream sauce and a salad with a light vinaigrette dressing."

James started the shower water while Blair peed. Blair thought he was going to shower by himself but discovered otherwise. James stepped in with him and then washed Blair thoroughly, from head to toe. By the time James got to his feet, Blair had already come twice. He was boneless as James carried him to bed.

James toweled him dry and then massaged lotion into every inch of skin. By the time he was done with Blair, the young man was snoring. He hadn't managed to come again... he wasn't that young. But his cock was definitely looking forward to more one-on-one attention!


"Blair?" A warm hand rubbed his back while another hand brushed hair out of his face. "Blair, are you hungry?"

His stomach growled. His nose twitched, smelling the roast, the vegetables...

"Yessss..." He yawned, stretching. The bed dipped as James sat beside him.

"Would like for me to feed you in bed?" James asked, waving a square bite of pork roast under Blair's nose.

"Feed me?" Blair rolled over. James was still naked, and beside the bed was a small table holding tonight's dinner... in a precise portions for Blair. "Wh-what about Larry?"

"He has already eaten and does not like me to feed him in bed." James' face remained quite bland, but there was something in the minute tilt to one eyebrow that clued Blair into the fact that he was being teased.

"Oh yeah?" Blair grinned, shifting up on the pillows. "I don't know, he always liked me doing it."

"Indeed." Pause. "Shall I invite him to join us?"

"Are you nuts?" Blair laughed. "No way."

James fed Blair every bite. Not all bites came on the end of a fork or a spoon. Some bites were passed to him by mouth. It was quite sexy. Wine passed from mouth to mouth seemed so much more sweeter.

"Now for dessert." James set the plate on the table, and moved the little table back to the kitchen. He removed a bowl of fresh strawberries and a bowl of whipped cream back to the bed, setting them on the makeshift nightstand. "May I ask some sexually related questions, Blair?"

"Sure." Blair said more bravely than he felt.

"Do you like to top? Or do you prefer to bottom?"

"Uhm, I've done both. Depends on the lover, really." He watched James dip a berry in the whipped cream, and then hold it for Blair to take a bite.

"For tonight then, do you wish to top?"

It's really hard to answer a question like that when 1) a strawberry is stuck in your throat; 2) you have a handsome and talented male lover running his hand up your thigh.

He swallowed, coughed a little, and replied. "No, you top tonight. I can... I can top another time."

"As you wish, Blair."

After that, Blair existed in an erotic haze. He was fed strawberries; he was teased, sucked, nibbled, rimmed, licked, bit (gently). When James entered him, it was with a tenderness Blair had never experienced before with a lover. David had never wanted to take that much time lubing Blair up. He had taken to prepping himself in the bathroom. He refused to remember anything about Lee.

"Move, James, please." Blair begged, legs over James' shoulders, hands gripping at the broad shoulders.

"We must wait for your body to adjust." James licked down Blair's neck and around an ear. He had never considered his ears an erogenous zone until now.

"It's adjusted, it's adjusted!" Blair rolled his hips.

When James did move, he kept the pace erratic. Just when Blair thought he would come, James would change the rhythm, shifting position or totally stop until he had Blair begging hopelessly.

Finally, James relented and let Blair come. He took Blair to the edge, paused, and said, "Now."

Blair came explosively, shouting and crying.

He woke up in a warm shower, held gently within the circle of James' arms. He was washed again, thoroughly, dried and carried back to bed. He fell asleep to those magnificent hands once more massaging lotion into his body.


The next night when he came home from classes it was to the sound of children laughing. Joel and his wife Sarah lived on the upper floor with their three children. Joel worked at the transport center while Sarah worked at the local clinic as a nursing assistant. Joel had once been a city cop, but had been injured on the job and had been forced to 'retire early'.

James had the three children sitting at the kitchen table helping him make cookies. Sugar cookies. Larry was sitting in the safety of his cage watching -and playing with a small chunk of cookie dough.

"Hello, Blair." James said, straightening up. He was wearing the flowered apron someone had given Blair as a gag gift. Luckily, James wasn't naked otherwise. He was wearing his jeans and a black t-shirt.

The children yelled, "Hi, Blair!" at the top of their lungs.

"Look what we made!"

"See what we're doing!"

"I love James! He let me stir!"

Blair got drawn in, telling stories about how he used to make cookies as a kid with his grandparent's cook. He had to work around a few questions like, "not with your mommy and daddy?" He noticed the slight crease in James' brow, but shrugged it all off. Just as the last batch was ready to come out of the oven, the door bell rang.

"Don't answer it! It's mommy!"

"I don't wanna go home!"

"Can we play with James again tomorrow?"

Sarah collected the children along with two plates of decorated cookies.

"Thank you, very much." She smiled at both Blair and James.

"The rest period alleviated your worries." James nodded.

"Well..." Sarah laughed softly. "It sure helped."

After she left, Blair asked what was wrong.

"Sarah was laid off from the clinic. It is apparently being closed in favor of sending patients to the hospital." James replied, cleaning up the kitchen table. "Dinner should be ready in approximately eight minutes and seventeen seconds."

"Do you have something started? Cause I thought maybe we could go out to eat tonight." Blair suggested while he checked on Larry. "My allowance hit my account today so I have a bit of extra cash."

"I have meat marinating. It can save for tomorrow if you wish, Blair." Head tilted slightly. "Do you wish to go by yourself?"

"What? No way! I'd even suggest a movie, but the local theater was shut down last month." He grabbed James' arm and pulled him close. "I'm not ashamed of people seeing me with you. I don't care if they realize you're an android or not. You're the best thing that's come into my life in a long time."

They kissed. Wetly. Mouths angled. Tongues danced.

When they pulled apart, Blair was panting.

"Let's go before we end up in bed again." Blair laughed.

Blair opted for a restaurant-type bar that was a few blocks away. There was a diner that was closer but a real rough crowd hung out there, and he didn't want to chance any trouble with James.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what he got when they walked into the restaurant. The hostess flinched when she saw James, and disappeared into the back. She didn't return. A man in a dress shirt, tie and slacks came out.

"We don't allow those things in here." He nodded at James.

"Hey, we just want to eat dinner." Blair smiled, hands spreading in entreaty.

"Go find some other joint with lower standards. We don't serve people like you with your vibrator with legs. Get out."

"Fine." Blair growled, and they left.

For about a block Blair stocked ahead, furious, ranting, hands waving in the air. James followed quietly behind him, saying nothing. When Blair started to walk out into traffic, James neatly pulled him back.

"Don't do that!" Blair shouted.

"Don't what, Blair? Save your life?"

"Don't get sarcastic with me." Blair fumed. "They had no right to treat us like that! Vibrator with legs my ass!"

"A rather rough, but accurate description. I can make my penis vibrate while inserted in your anus. You can also remove my penis and use it separately if you do not wish to have the rest of me present."

Blair's mouth worked, but no sound came out. The anger and fury drained right out of him. He thought, and he knew it was probably just his own interpretation, he thought he saw a bit of sparkle in James' eyes. He's being funny to lighten my mood Blair sighed.

"I'm sorry." Blair took his hand and squeezed it. "Thank you for saving my life."

"I am programmed to protect my owner." James replied.

"Yeah." Blair sighed one more time. "Why don't we go back home, and you cook up that marinated meat? I can make a salad."

"There is a club a block north of here that serves food and also has a dance floor. They allow intimate companions. If you would like an evening out, perhaps dancing would also be a good exercise for you."

"A block north of here? You've got that internal directory, don't you?" Blair grinned. "I haven't gone dancing in ages. Will you dance with me?"

"Anything you wish, Blair." James inclined his head. "They also have rooms for sexual relations. You could have sex with someone else if you like."

"Nah." Blair patted James' chest. "I like my walking vibrator. You'll do just fine." He tugged James' hand. "Well, lead on. I didn't know there were any clubs near here."


They could hear the music down the street from the old warehouse. The street outside the club was well lit, security -they were obviously more than just 'bouncers'- stood along the sidewalk keeping an eye on things. People were talking, smoking cigs, and some even swayed to the music.

"James." Blair tugged on his shirt sleeve. "If your hearing is super-sensitive, you might want to dial it down before we go in."

"That is an excellent suggestion." James nodded and blinked. "There. More acceptable."

As they walked towards the entrance, Blair noticed two tall, identical looking blondes. They were delicate in their facial features, but their bodies were leanly muscular. He realized after a half second that they were androids. They both turned and stared hard at James.

"Are they 5000's?" Blair whispered.


"Do you want to talk to them?" Blair glanced up at his companion.

"I already have."


"There is nothing to worry about, Blair. Do you wish to know what we discussed?"

"No, man. It's okay. I just, you know. Forgot. You probably have a wireless Internet connection." Blair shrugged, but he was a little unnerved. Those females weren't very friendly looking.

"I warned them about the restaurant. One replied that she had already been turned away with her human."

"That's a good idea. Pass the word around." He frowned. "Racist shithead sonofabitch."

James smiled, patting Blair on the back.

Inside it was packed with bodies. Male, female, human and android. There were even a few of the older model robots with their silvery pale skin and bad toupees. The music was so loud; it throbbed inside your bones. Blair stood for a moment, soaking it all in.

"Is anything the matter?" James inquired.

"No, just getting into the groove." Blair grinned up at him. "Let's boogey."

James arched an eyebrow. "I am not programmed to boogey."

"You're a walking computer." Blair chuckled, grabbing his hand and leading him out onto the dance floor. "Upgrade."

They danced, and they weren't the only same sex couple on the dance floor. Some danced in pairs, some danced in threesomes or more. Some wore clothing, some were partially clothed, and there were quite a few that were naked. A beautiful Asian android model was naked and her delicate body decorated with swirls of multi-colored glitter. She danced with a naked female African android model whose sleek body was decorated with tribal tattoos.

The spookiest part of the whole evening was coming face to face with another James 5000. Blair knew instantly that it wasn't his James. There was something just off. A hand came to rest upon his shoulder. He knew that was his James. No words were spoken, but Blair had that tingling feeling that the two were talking anyway.

Then James was leading him off towards the tables, asking him if he were hungry. "I understand the fish tacos are quite good even if though the fish is reconfigured soy and vegetable matter."

Blair ate -but not the fish tacos, thank you very much. James made sure he drank plenty of water. They danced until Blair complained his feet were blistered. He just barely managed to stop James from carrying him off the dance floor.

When they headed home, it was after two in the morning. They walked, declining a shared ride in a cab. Blair reached for James' hand, happy.

"When I was a kid and stayed at my grandparent's estate... they lived out in the country. Grandpa would have me go for walks with him at night and we would sit out on the lawn and look at the stars." Blair started talking after a whole five minutes of silence. "You can't see them very well here in the city. But I remember how they looked when I was a kid. I've always wanted to go into space... I'll probably end up colonizing on some planet."

"It can be a harsh experience." James frowned a little. "You must let me accompany you."

"What? You don't think I could handle it?" Blair laughed.

"I do not like the idea of you being unprotected. You will need a companion on which you can rely and trust. I am quite adaptable."

"I'm sure you are." Blair smiled. "I never met my father. My mom tells me that she bought the sperm on sale at Walmart. But my grandfather told me before he died that my father was a fighter pilot that was killed during the Gercy Uprising on Scott-Rush Space Station."

"He was not aware of your existence."

"No, I don't think so. Mom probably didn't think it was any of his business." Blair shrugged. He and his mother had argued about it off and on for years in his teens. But eventually, he just let it go. She wasn't going to change her story and there was no reason for him to rail against an unmovable object. It only gave him migraines.

Before they got home, Blair said, "I kind of got roped into hosting a study session tomorrow night. I'll be home early, around four but then about eight of my friends will be showing up around six thirty."

"Yes, Blair."

"Do you think you could make up some snacks for us? I don't want anything too fancy, these people will eat anything. I was just thinking of cheese and crackers and fruit. Then maybe like sandwiches for dinner. I could stop at the store on my way home and pick some stuff up. Just tell me what you might need, like juice and bottled water."

"Are they vegetarian?"

"Most of them, yeah. I eat meat, but I think only one other in the group does."

Once they were inside the loft, James turned to him and asked.

"Do you wish to top tonight, Blair? Or would you simply prefer a massage?"

He was instantly hard.

He topped.

When he was fully inside James, he discovered just how talented his intimate companion was. James' anal channel vibrated and massaged his cock, tightening pulsing wave after wave. He hardly even needed to do any work, and certainly didn't have a chance to pump his hips. He came so hard that he passed out on James' chest, still firmly held within his lover.

James held him for a long time, rubbing soothing circles on Blair's back while the young man slept. He carefully removed Blair from his body, picked the young man up and took him to the shower. He washed Blair, dried him off, and put him back to bed. Then he went to stand by one of the windows, staring up at the stars. His eyes were lit with an internal light as he communicated with his kind across the city and down the coast.


The study session was almost more party than studying. Blair's friends weren't too accepting of James. Carly and Penny kept giving James suspicious looks, and would never directly take anything from him. In the past, these sessions would often last well into the wee hours of the morning. This one lasted until eleven.

When the last one left, Blair slammed the door with a "fuck you!"

"They are good people, Blair. They are simply young and inexperienced." Blair turned around to yell at James for standing up for them but words were lost.

James was naked. James had a full erection. James was coming towards him and there was no mistaking the gleam in his eyes.

"May I choose the position tonight?"

"Uh, uh, dude..." Blair stammered. James started undressing him.

"Unless you do not wish to have sexual relations at all." His hands did not slow down.

"Yes!" Blair squeaked as his cock popped free of his boxers. "And yes!"

He was turned against the door, hands planted on the wood, and then gel slicked finger probed his asshole. Once he was moderately prepared, James fucked him up against the door. One hand on his hip to steady him and the other one wrapped around his dick. He came hard, banging his forehead against the door.

After an appropriate interval, James fucked him on the couches. Face to face on one with Blair's ankles looped around James' neck. On the other couch, James fucked him sitting up, hands on Blair's hips to help him maneuver the up-and-down piston like movement.

"I think I'm going to walk funny tomorrow." Blair gasped against James' throat.

"I think you will not feel well and will need to spend the day in bed."

This time, instead of a shower, they took a bath. Hot, sudsy water slopping over the sides of the tub as James sunk underwater to "orally inspect Blair's genitals".

By the time they got to the bed, Blair had no energy left whatsoever. He curled up on James chest and slipped into an exhausted but thoroughly satisfied sleep. He didn't wake up until almost noon, the first time he had done that in years. James assured him that he had called in for Blair and everyone understood that he had a migraine.

He started to feel guilty around two in the afternoon, and attempted to get out of bed. Larry hooted to James, and Blair suddenly found himself tucked back down in bed against a solid male chest.

"You need your rest."

"I'm rested, I'm rested!" Blair laughed.

"Then let me suggest another occupation for your time."

James orally inspected his entire body.

He slept while James made dinner, and once again found himself being fed in bed.

After the dishes were cleaned up and Blair had been allowed up to relieve himself, he sat in the middle of the bed.

"I'm sure this is a stupid question, but James..." He watched the android walk around checking the door lock and the windows. "Do you have an orgasm when we have sex?"

James stopped his tour of the loft and looked at Blair.

"I am programmed to simulate one for your pleasure."

"Yeah, I'm sure. But I mean, for you, with your brain power and all your abilities... Sex has to be pretty boring. Kind of a waste of your talents, I mean." Blair shrugged. "You could be so much more than just a sex slave."

James said nothing until he stood at the end of Blair's bed.

"I believe I am more to you than a sex slave." He tilted his head, studying Blair. "Am I wrong?"

"No." Blair swallowed over the lump in his throat. "This is too good to last very long. Something bad is going to happen, I just know it."

"Have faith." James smiled at him as he knelt on the bed.

"An android is telling me to have faith?" Blair chuckled.

"Top or bottom, Chief?"

"You drive; I don't think my dick's recovered from being in you yet."

"Was I overly attentive?" James brushed his knuckles across Blair's lips.

"You were amazing." Blair took his hand and pressed a kiss into the palm. "How about this... What can I do for you tonight? Is there something you would like particularly?"

James blinked at him.

"Anything, really. I'm pretty limber." Blair winked at him.

"I would..." James hesitated. "Would you orally inspect my genitals?"

"My pleasure, big guy." Blair leaned up and kissed him. "Do you want to stand while I perform the oral sex?"

"No." James whispered. "I would like to lie down."

Blair never thought of it as just 'sex' or 'fucking' after that. It had become making love and he would never feel the same way again.


Friday, after a scathing and entirely maddening meeting with his advisor over his dissertation, Blair stomped out of the building just in time to meet Megan. She grabbed him by the arm and started hiking him down the sidewalk.

"Where's Jimbo?" She hissed at him.

"At home, why?" Blair tried to shake her off, but she wouldn't let go.

"Then we need to get moving." Her air car appeared out of nowhere, and she shoved him inside.

"What the hell is going on?" Blair shouted, and he would have gone out the other door except it was locked.

"They are recalling all the 5000's. Turns out they made the bloody beggars a little too good. Over fifteen of the 'intimate companions' have turned up missing." Megan got the air car up into the drive stream, and powered off towards Blair's section of the city.

"What do you mean missing?" And then it hit him. Recall. "Shit! Drive faster! They can't take James!"

"They've been escaping. Turns out they have been coordinating with others of the 5000 series - not all of them are sexbots - and arranging freighters to take them off planet. Some of the human owners are missing too, but it's not because they were offed. They went willing." She glanced at the now silent Blair. "It's been all over the news channels this morning."

"Yeah, well, I don't listen to the news a lot and I've been busy getting royally screwed by the admin staff." Blair grumbled, eyes closed. James

"I take it he hasn't confided in you." Megan whipped around vehicles like she on some raceway. Blair opened his eyes for a second, and quickly closed them. He had forgotten how crazy a driver she really was.

"No, not really." He frowned, thinking back over the few days. Maybe James had been trying to tell him? Maybe he had just missed the cues?

And now he might not ever have another chance.

"Can't you drive faster?" He asked, eyes clenched tightly shut.

When they got to his building, Sarah, Joel and Rafe were outside with the kids. Sarah's face was streaked with tears and the kids were all upset.

"Oh, Blair!" Sarah embraced him. "It was awful! They just stormed in there and shot him with this disrupter gun."

"I called the police but they wouldn't come out. Said it wasn't their jurisdiction." Rafe growled at Megan.

Joel had caught Larry and had taken him to their apartment where he was currently hiding in their bath tub. Megan led the way up to Blair's loft apartment. The door was hanging off it's hinges, the kitchen table was knocked over. Both his computers had been tossed onto the floor.

"They wouldn't stop." Sarah whispered. "James didn't even fight them."

"When is James coming home, Blair?" One of the kids asked. Blair didn't reply. He just stood in the middle of the mess, silent and pale.

"Sarah, take them upstairs ok?" Joel herded the kids out the door. "I'll come get Larry later."


Joel, Rafe and Megan straightened up as much as they could. When they moved towards the bed, Blair seemed to wake up.

"Leave it."

"Blair-." Megan turned to protest.

"No. I mean it. I'm not sleeping there again anyway. Just leave it." His voice was hoarse.

"Come home with me, then." She walked over to him, reaching out to touch him. He flinched away.

"No." He shook his head. "Thanks, Megan. Really. But no."

"You can't stay here by yourself." Rafe said quietly.

"I'll be fine. Joel, can you keep Larry for a little bit? I need to calm down before I come get him." Blair asked his neighbor and friend.

"Sure, Blair. No problem." Joel nodded. He and Rafe left quietly.

"Go, Megan."


"Megan. I'm not a child. I can handle this. I've had my heart ripped out before." He smiled at her bitterly. "Maybe Naomi has it right after all. No attachments. Enjoy the sex, and move on."

"No, Blair." Megan whispered, standing close to him but not touching. "She doesn't have it right."

Then Megan was gone and he was left alone. Horribly, awfully alone.


Sometime long after dark, he woke up on the floor to the sound of someone calling his name. It was muffled, and he couldn't quite place it. He sat up, rubbing his face. He had cried for hours, and felt aching alone. How could he become so attached to someone so quickly and so deeply?


He looked around. He was totally alone- and his heart lurched.


It didn't sound like James. It didn't sound like anybody he knew. And where the hell was the voice coming from?

He dragged himself up off the floor. Every joint ached, every muscle hurt.


The fridge? The fridge was calling him? Okay, maybe he had gone over the deep end...

He stumbled over the fridge and opened it.

He shut the door.


He opened it again. It was his teddy bear. The one thing his mom had saved from his childhood. The robotic teaching bear that one of his uncle's had bought when it first came out. Probably a very early predecessor to James.


The only thing was, Koko hadn't worked in years. He had it stored away in one of his trunks.

"James found me, Blair. He re-activated me." Came the muffled voice from within the fridge.

Blair opened the door. The bear blinked at him.

"I am unable to move on my own, however. If you would sit me on the table, I can give you the message from James."

Blair shut the door and walked out of the apartment. Halfway down the stairs he remembered Larry, and walked back up to Sarah and Joel's. Joel answered the door. He helped Blair get Larry out of the bath tub. Blair carried the traumatized orangutan back to their place. Well, for now. As far as Blair was concerned, they were moving in the morning.

Larry waddled around the loft, signing, "James? Play. Eat. James?"

Finally Larry curled up in the remains of the bed, wrapping James towel around him, and fell asleep.

Blair sat in a chair -the only one not broken- and stared at the fridge.

"Blair." Koko called to him again. "Please. There isn't much time."

Blair got Koko out of the fridge and set him on the table.

"What do you mean, there isn't much time? Seems to me there is no fucking time left."

"Blair, please sit down, and let me give you the message in full."


When the Seattle police showed up in the morning to take Blair in for questioning, they found the apartment empty. They questioned the neighbors, but no one knew anything. The children played happily with an old teddy bear, and otherwise, paid no attention to the cops.

An animal control van had arrived to take custody of the 'wild animal' a little while later only to find Larry gone too. No one knew anything about an orangutan. The Sandburg guy had been weird, but no one had ever seen a pet monkey.


"Are you sure he's going to be okay? He's been through a lot lately." Blair asked the shuttle attendant for the fourth time.

"Sir, he's going to be fine. I promise. We keep the animal hold at a comfortable temperature. We have a vet on staff that monitors each of the animal's vital readings. Larry is going to have more fun than you, I'm certain."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Blair smiled. "I'm sorry. I'll go find my seat now."

"Thank you, sir."

"Mr. Eastwood, your seat is number 8A. Window seat."

"Thank you." He hadn't gotten used to his new name yet. If James was ever able to join him... and he wasn't sure James would... he was going to make a certain android pay.

"Have a nice flight, Mr. Eastwood. We should be connecting with the Santa Patricia in two hours."

"Good, thanks." Blair nodded moving off towards his seat. He hadn't ever taken an intergalactic cruise before, but his mother had done so many times. She always raved about the service and the food.

He settled in his seat, wiggling his butt around until he was comfortable. An attendant offered him a pillow or a blanket, but he declined. He had a couple e-books to read, and still had to compose a note for his mother. A few minutes later, he was deep into "Colonization for Dummies" when someone sat down next to him.

"Hell and damnation." The big black man muttered. "I hate these damn seats."

He introduced himself as Simon Banks, "I'm heading out to New Washington. Got a job interview for chief of police in the Cascade Colony. Ever hear of it?"

"Yes." Blair smiled. "I have."

The two hour shuttle trip to the cruise ship was relatively uneventful, but very interesting with his seat-mate. Blair had a great time talking with Simon, the man talking almost as much as Blair did. They didn't agree on every topic, but they agreed on one thing- fishing. They both loved to fish.

Once he had his gear tossed in his suite on the cruise liner, Blair went in search of Larry. He couldn't bring Larry to his room, but he could visit as much as he wanted. The orangutan was quite happy to see Blair. They hugged, and Larry signed, "James play. James Larry banana eat."

"Really?" Blair beamed. "You got to eat a banana with James?"

"James no hurt." Larry signed. "James love Larry."

"Yes, I'm sure James does." Blair kissed his ape friend. He signed, "Blair love Larry."

Larry patted Blair on the head.

Blair checked in on Simon before heading back to his suite. Simon had complained about everything from the air not being cold enough to the bed being too soft. But otherwise, the man seemed happy enough. They planned to meet later for dinner and take a tour of the ship.

When Blair walked back into his room, his suitcase and carryall were not in sight. Okay, so maybe the maid service had come in and taken his luggage into the bedroom. He kicked off his shoes and headed for the bedroom. A shower sounded nice and then maybe a nap.

His suitcase wasn't in sight, but there was a very interesting lump in his bed.

"Good afternoon, Blair." James smiled as he leaned up on an elbow. "Would you like to top or bottom?"

The end.

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Author's Acknowledgements: My thanks to Patt for her beta, encouragement and enthusiasm! Thanks to Amy and Maria for the wonderful pictures.