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  Lists of


  Story Title Details Ezine Notes
  And Guest   Many Holiday Greetings of The Sentinel Premiered: December 24, 2001
  Extra Sentinel Perception Jim struggles with another enhanced sense 26K  Many Faces of Jim and Blair 3 Premiered: July 18, 2003
  Lakeside An old Army friend calls Jim to ask for help. 67K  Many Seasons of Love 2 Premiered: October 3, 2002
  Married Jealous Jim Story Why does Jim keep telling people that Blair is married? 15K  Many Chapters of The Sentinel Premiered: March 10, 2003
  The Substitute A mercenary poses as a substitute teacher in order to avenge his lover being hurt and helps the kids at the school in the process. 90K  Many Movies of The Sentinel Premiered: December 20, 2001
  Under Cover   My Mongoose Ezine First Kiss Contest Premiered: July 1, 2001