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  Story Title Details Ezine Notes
  A New Path When Jim can't return Blair's love, he seeks a new path. But is it one that will eventually lead him back to his Sentinel? 71K  Many Faces of Jim 4 Premiered: May 27, 2005
  Fishing for Felons While on a fishing trip, Detective Jim Ellison catches more than he expected. 29K  Many Tales of Jim and Blair, the 2004 Moonridge Edition Premiered: August 10, 2004
  Star Crossed: Genesis Across the vastness of space, fate brings together a very special Sentinel and Guide. Lost and struggling for survival on a deserted, barren world, can they overcome their fears and insecurities to fulfill their destiny? Or will war, treachery, and deceit tear them apart and destroy both of their worlds forever? 325K  Many Faces of Jim and Blair #6 Premiered: March 29, 2007