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  Story Title Details Ezine Notes
  Bonded Destinies Doctor James Ellison rescues a stranger following an automobile accident. While tending to the injured man, it doesn't take long for the good doctor to fall in love with his troubled patient. 141K  Many Seasons of Love 3 Premiered: November 9, 2003
  Can't Fight This Feeling Jim realizes that he's been blocking the spiritual connection that was formed between them after Blair's drowning at the fountain. He takes the necessary steps to fix the situation before he loses his Guide permanently. 39K  Many Faces of Jim and Blair #6 Premiered: March 29, 2007
  Saved-Up Wishes Jim wishes he had a love of his very own. 48K  Many More Chapters of The Sentinel Premiered: April 7, 2004
  Summer's Caress What happens when you put two lovers together, add a beautiful Hawaiian beach, stir in some warm salt water and a dash of romance?... Hot sex, of course! 15K  Many Tales of Jim and Blair Premiered: August 10, 2004
  Sweet Surrender Blair is out to make a few extra dollars when he's hired to clean a new residence, and upon meeting the handsome police officer, he feels an instant attraction. 157K  Many Faces of Jim 4 Premiered: May 27, 2005
  The Start of Something Real When Jim can't pay for his tab at a local diner, he offers the friendly waiter half of his winnings from the lottery ticket he's just purchased. When Jim actually wins the big money, he honors his promise to the waiter, much to the dismay of his estranged wife, who wants it all for herself. 135K  Many Movies of The Sentinel 4 Premiered: February 28, 2006
  The Valet's Secret When rich politician James Ellison mistakes hotel valet, Blair Sandburg, for a guest, Blair goes along with the misconception because he's attracted to the handsome man. How long can he hide his true identity and still keep Jim for himself? 115K  Many, Many More Movies of The Sentinel Premiered: December 19, 2003