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  Story Title Details Ezine Notes
  22F Blair returns to Cascade after the holidays and befriends a stranger on the way. 13K  Many Chapters of The Sentinel Premiered: March 10, 2003
  Citrus Excerpt: I love oranges. The orange is one of my favorite foods, and not just because nothing rhymes with it. Iím a happy, happy man when I find a really good one, ... My Mongoose Ezine First Kiss Contest Sequel: Terra Cotta | Premiered: July 1, 2001
  Culinary Arts Jim owns a restaurant and Blair eats there. Love at first sight, baby! 40K  Many Faces of Jim 2 Premiered: March 28, 2002
  Long Way From Home Excerpt: Christmas morning should be substantially colder than sixty-five degrees. If Christmas isn't white, it should at least be cold and rainy, not clear, sunny ... Many Holiday Greetings of The Sentinel Premiered: December 24, 2001
  Masquerade Jim and Blair each get invited to a special Halloween party, unbeknownst to each other. 54K  Many Halloween Tales of The Sentinel Premiered: October 31, 2001
  Terra Cotta The boys discover the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 31K  Many Sequels of The Sentinel Sequel to: Citrus | Premiered: September 30, 2001
  Tree of Knowledge A visit to an apple orchard stirs up some feelings. 34K  Many Seasons of Love 2 Premiered: October 3, 2002
  Word For Word The boys discover the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 31K  Many Valentine Tales Of The Sentinel Premiered: February 14, 2002